Laura reeves



Laura is transformational healer, medicine woman, activist and artist. 

She currently holds 1-1 and group sessions dedicated to reconnecting people to their innate wisdom, combining tools for deep realignment of mind body and spirit.  

This work weaves together ancient and modern day practices for awakening the psyche, unlocking the body's wisdom and releasing trauma and emotional stagnation in order to access a deeper state of wholeness. 


Tools include: Somatic Experiencing, Daosim and QiGong, Peruvian Shamanism, EFT, breath work, inner child work, meditation and embodied empowerment.  


Laura's journey has taken her from offices in New York to the Amazon rainforest, in a discovery that the most potent work she could do to affect meaningful change in the world involved looking within. 

In 2014 she formed the Artist Collective Infinite Experience bringing together artists to explore and create embodied work that transcends separation. The work was deeply inspired by her journeys with plant medicine and shamanic culture which began to reveal to her the interconnectedness of all things and a connection to the unseen realms. Her journeys with the plants would often advise on what to include within the work to help people the most.  

Infinite Experience were invited to perform their piece Welcome Home the world over, from being alongside indigenous elders on Caribbean beaches and jungles, to deserts, crumbling Italian farmhouses, Greek islands and London warehouses.  

In 2017 Laura worked with a small group of international entrepreneurs to design experiences for connection for The co-housing project The Collective Old Oak in London in the U.K., focused on nurturing connection at the world's biggest co-living space. 


The following year, she moved to L.A. to work with Sony Entertainment, Galantis and various other artistic projects based in music and film. 

On feeling a deep call to return home & reignite her soul calling to do healing work, she returned to London the following year and worked with Extinction Rebellion, becoming a co-ordinator for vision and heart centred activism in the U.K. team, bringing together large groups of activists to bring heart centred awareness and connection to actions standing in solidarity for Earth protection. 

Her focus now is to bring together her experiences and training in creating work that's accessible and powerful - working with the potentiality of the human body, consciousness and the natural world, to awaken to who we truly are and our ability to create the more beautiful existence that we've come here to co-create. 

Upcoming Work  

1-1 WORK 

For more info on 1-1 packages, please contact me here with some information on what you are looking for and I will get back to you. 


Do you feel called to help others on their path to transformation & wholeness? If so, consider joining us for the Intuitive Healer facilitation training later this year.

This training is designed to empower you to step into the role of facilitating transformational spaces for others at a time when the world is calling out for it.  

For info and dates please submit our contact form. 


We hold seasonal retreats to assist with deep connection to land, body, spirit and tribe. Next retreat will be in Glastonbury in August 2022. More info TBA soon. 

Click here for upcoming work with my partners Psychedelic Society. We hold regular in person ceremonies, online courses, workshops and events on Emotional Release, trauma work, Self Love and more. 




"For anyone who feels like their current efforts with self-care and emotional healing aren't quite going deep enough, this is for you. Definitely the kind of emotional work I need to be doing! Will 100% attend again."


"With so many thanks for an extremely powerful workshop which was brilliantly led and held throughout. I experienced a powerful release of long held trauma and emotion. Laura's training and experience make her a valuable facilitator for this very deep shamanic work. Elise, Jungian psychotherapist."


"This was the most powerful thing I have done for myself. Thank you"

"Absolutely incredible. complete shift in mindset in just one session. i was slowly climbing out of a cloud of anxiety but felt like i was catapulted out of it after this workshop! Laura's amazing and does such a good job of reminding you that you are too. 100% recommend and will be back, thank you Laura X"


"What a wonderful and deeply powerful experience. I was stunned at how much I connected with the guidance Laura gave and how deep I went. It was amazing and brilliantly facilitated. Thank you so much. Truly incredible."


"Laura's sensitivity and expertise created a safe space and a powerful, purging experience. I felt I'd understood some of the feelings that have been in my body for a long time, in a new way. Thank you Laura."


"Totally vibed with Laura from the first session I did with her... Felt wonderful and extremely grounded each time I finished our sessions. She has a wonderful and soothing voice and has a soft, warm, welcoming, authentic and loving energy, will be back for more!"


"Laura is a wonderful facilitator and guides us in a gentle and reassuring way into the dark corner of ourself and helps us embrace what we find there. Best investment of my time right now."



“One of the best things I've ever done in my life. So grateful to have met so many like-minded souls that were also on their journeys in life. My heart is brimming with joy as I write this.” ★★★★★ Jonathan

“My life will never be the same again. I feel like I've shed so many layers and been filled up with love and joy.” ★★★★★ Laura W

“The other people attending the retreat became family..the Ceremonies ran by Laura and Josh were executed with every inch of their being, the music was angelic... the only negative was that we didn't have another day. I departed cornwall full of love light peace in my soul an forever grateful to Laura and Josh for everything they did for us that weekend and can't wait for the next retreat that they will be running as I will be there. Forever grateful.” Leon ★★★★★

“Laura & Josh provided an experience that is unlike any I have had before. I have been to many retreats and this was by far the best one. The level of intentionality was unprecedented. The support, activities and spiritual practices created such a transformational experience (even though it was only for 1 full day and 2 half days). I feel a sense of connection with myself that I will take with me into all aspects of my life. I can't wait to attend the next one” Neil G ★★★★★