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Experience transformation or discover how to create it for others by joining the next Intuitive Healer Facilitation training; join the waitlist for upcoming medicine retreats in Europe and Peru (retreats page); discover the ecstasy in your heart at our in-person Cacao ceremonies; or if you work at your best on a 1-1 basis, book a hands on transformational Craniosacral therapy session in person in Glastonbury (from July), or a 1-1 coaching call online. I'm here to support your journey full-heartedly.

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Are you called to create and hold transformative work for others? If so, join us on the land & online in 2023 for the next Intuitive Healer facilitation 2 month training where you will join a community of like-minded people on their journeys to step up as space holders and healers.

More info & bookings here. 

"Laura is a gentle but powerful, intuitive and wise facilitator. The course was everything I hoped it would be. It connected me with other like-minded people who are at the start or early stages of their journey to become space holders. And the course gave me a spark of confidence that I really needed and didn't think I could find. I wasn't sure whether to do this course and didn't really believe I could do it. But I did, and I'm so pleased that I did. This course helped me take the first steps on the journey to becoming a space holder and both ignited and also brought healing to many areas in my life. I'll be forever grateful to Laura.

Natasha" ★★★★★

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Join our budding soul family cacao community in London and Bristol monthly where we move through fear and subconsciously stored trauma into ecstasy and bliss through somatic work, trauma informed practices, breath work & dance.

1:1 Anchor



Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet extremely powerful healing technique to assist you to come into greater harmony and balance in your energetic, physical and emotional system.


With gentle touch and engagement with your system, we access the deeper layers of trauma and blockage, giving your system space to reintegrate and heal. 

The process is 60-80 minutes in total, and involves lying clothed on a couch in a deep state of relaxation. There is an option to talk through what's coming up during the session, or discuss at the end depending on your preference. Allow time for integration and grounding at the end.

"A session with Laura can access the deeper spiritual and emotional reasons you've been experiencing emotional and physical pain. The insights of this work have been completely reality shifting" Current patient. 


Laura is now offering sessions in Glastonbury & occasionally in London upon request. Please fill in the contact form to book a session. 

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1:1 Coaching

Specialised coaching tailored to your needs. Techniques include somatic work, trauma release, QiGong for rebalancing the system and releasing stagnancy, inner child work & deep transformative practices. 


"What a wonderful and deeply powerful experience. I was stunned at how much I connected with the guidance Laura gave and how deep I went. It was amazing and brilliantly facilitated. Thank you so much. Truly incredible."


"Laura's sensitivity and expertise created a safe space and a powerful, purging experience. I felt I'd understood some of the feelings that have been in my body for a long time, in a new way. Thank you Laura."


"Laura is a wonderful facilitator and guides us in a gentle and reassuring way into the dark corner of ourself and helps us embrace what we find there. Best investment of my time right now."


"With so many thanks for an extremely powerful workshop which was brilliantly led and held throughout. I experienced a powerful release of long held trauma and emotion. Laura's training and experience make her a valuable facilitator for this very deep shamanic work. Elise, Jungian psychotherapist."


"This was the most powerful thing I have done for myself. Thank you"

"Absolutely incredible. A complete shift in mindset in just one session. i was slowly climbing out of a cloud of anxiety but felt like i was catapulted out of it after this workshop! Laura's amazing and does such a good job of reminding you that you are too. 100% recommend and will be back, thank you, Laura."


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