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Retreats held on sacred lands

Through collaboration with other transformational facilitators and musicians, I invite you to magickal seasonal retreats, connected to the wheel of the year assisting with a deep connection to land, body, spirit, and community.


When we come together in the community to do inner work in energetically powerful places, the work is deeply amplified within us and the collective. Be guided through a weaving of ancient and modern-day practices for soul alchemy and transformation.


Retreats are held on Earth power spots to amplify the alchemy & healing work. Previous retreats include a private location on Glastonbury Tor, St. Nectan's Glen & Snowdonia. 


I am now offering sacred plant medicine retreats abroad for deep healing with Grandmother medicine, held by trained Shamanic practitioners.



28th April - 6th May, San Antonio, Tarapoto

Are you called to work with the master plants from nature's heart? The Amazon rainforest is a pharmacy of deep healing.


On this retreat, you will work with Don Alberto of the ancient yawa tribe, who has over 40 years experience and training working with the plants of the rainforest. Finding indigenous maestros who are in full integrity can be a challenging process, as can finding an authentic Peruvian medicine experience. Alberto and his family are beautiful people whose intention is to help humanity heal and reconnect to their divinity and wisdom. 


The centre is nestled deep in the rainforest and has beautiful accommodation (private huts dotted around) and a maloca. This is truly the authentic Peruvian medicine experience at its best. 

I'm so excited to welcome you to the place that has began completely changing my life, Laura x

Included in this retreat: 


✪ 1 night's accommodation in Tarapoto 

✪ Transfers from Tarapoto to Alberto's healing centre in the rainforest 

✪ 3 grandmother ceremonies 

✪ All meals & accommodation at Alberto's healing centre (8 days) 

✪ Healing massage with Stephanie with translation into English: This massage is to help you uncover your deepest blockages through the body, working with the spirit of tobacco and tuning into the physical and energetic blockages present in your system. This is a very powerful process! 

✪ Visit to Huacamaillo waterfall 

✪ Translation into English throughout 


Optional additions: 


✪ Craniosacral therapy with Laura 

✪ Tobacco ceremony for clearing 

✪ Moncoura plant medicine for opening your energetic channels 


Bookings: Please email me at for the booking form. Very limited number of spaces. 



Mystical Springtime Retreat, The Isle of Avalon 


Friday 19th - Sunday 21st April 2024 

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